MC4VED - Aims and objectives

MC4VED is transferred into the VET sector, implemented and evaluated in local vocational schools focusing on the added competence of teachers as facilitators - Local industries and communities cooperate in applying MC cases - Sustainability is secured by documentation, internet communication and social networking within 5 working phases:

  1. Initialization
  2. Local Preparation
  3. Sharing of Lessons learned and added value,
  4. Local Implementation
  5. Integrating Final Results.

Hereby customized coaching is provided on demand to train teachers as process owners and multipliers of MC at their local VET institutions. The partner Festo, a multinational company, contribute their experience and concepts of MC in industry embedded in scientific insights. The Dutch partner, Deltion College in Zwolle, brings in a network of educational institutions for life-long learning. The Austrian partner, a vocational school, brings in experiences, similar to MC. The Danish partner contributes excellent experiences in pedagogics, differentiated learning and international educational work. The Slovenian partner, a VET institution, is actively integrated in the process of reforming the vocational education system in Slovenia. Together with Festo the Landesakademie in Esslingen as the promoter is responsible for teachers’ in-service training, academic support and the documentation of results.

Tangible and intangible outcomes: 5 Pilot projects running 1 year are provided for teacher training and dissemination, one in each partner country to train for co-operative and co-creative, outcome-oriented and self-reliant learning processes. A positive impact on EU Lisbon objectives is envisaged to reduce the number of “Early School Leavers” and increase the interest in “LLP”. European value is added through these partnerships enhancing Europe’s efforts to provide more competent human resources and to share innovative training structures.

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