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Technical School Centre Nova Gorica is among the six biggest technical centres in Slovenija. They are focused especially on technical programmes in the field of mechanical engineering, computer science and informatics, electronics and energetic, wood processing and design, agriculture and horticulture, health & care, traffic and logistics. The centre was piloting in developing and implementing some new educational programmes: car service and mechatronics. They also offer a wide variety of programmes for adults and employees. After finishing those courses participants pass the verification and get a National Vocational Qualification as an approval of their knowledge, skills and competences. All those activities are narrowly connected with the knowledge and experience the teacher at the centre gain during the exchanges with other EU countries (through mobility, seminars or other kind of cooperation).

Role within the EU Project

Like a partner in a project Technical School Centre nova Gorica is involved in preparing local cases incorporate the Mass Customisation concept in the vocational educational programes in the field of mechatronics, woodworking and ICT combining with entrepreneurial content. Through this concept we plan to improve the teaching and learning process and methodologies with more active involvement of teachers and students achieving better technical expertise and getting competences important for their personal and professional development.

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