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State academy for teacher training and human resources at schools

The State Academy has extensive experience of managing and holding in-service training courses for approx. 10.000 vocational teachers a year from all over Baden-Württemberg and teachers from foreign countries. They offer a wide range of educational programmes in the fields of cooperative learning, modern vocational pedagogics and WEB 2.0-based IT learning and teaching skills. The courses offer customized programmes for managerial, technical and pedagogical staff to qualify them in the continuously developing areas in vocational education and training. According to the demands of the educational mainstream the Academy strives to meet the highest quality standards in the seminars. E.g. theoretical and practical approaches are linked by organising access to workshops in industry to deliver a practical insight in modern production processes, lecturers and scientists from universities are invited to transfer modern cientific knowledge to vocational schools and colleges.

Role within the EU Project

The State Academy is responsible for the coordination of the MC4VED project. They provide disseminative training courses for teachers of vocational education and are responsible for the proliferation of material that corresponds with the project results. In-service courses will be delivered with the objectives to improve scientific and technical expertise, to update methodological competences with the MC4VED approach, to enhance communication and interpersonal skills, to optimise administrative and team processes and to encourage cooperation with European partners in vocational education and the world of work.

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Landesakademie für Fortbildung und
Personalentwicklung an Schulen
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